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Freshwater Stingrays South America
Although in their natural habitat they are feared on account of their dangerous poisonous spines, al..
Giant Clams in The Sea & Aquarium
For all you Clam lovers! Let's review what you'll find in this clam book. Chapter 1: Tridacnid B..
Natural Aquarium Secrets
Are today's aquarists repeating the errors of those before them? Are some of today's methods simply ..
The Most Beautiful L Numbers
What are L-numbers and where do they come from? Inportant information on care and breeding, etc. Plu..
Decorative Aquaria-The Beginners Tank
All the tips you need to avoid typical mistakes made by most hobbyists who own their first tank. Wha..
Live Sand Secrets Book
This booklet discusses the use of live sand as an all-natural, highly efficient form of biological f..
Discus in The Community Tank
Well written and packed full of useful information for discus keepers of all abilities. Not really t..
Sand Bed Secrets Book
This book is designed to provide the reader with all the essentials of constructing a deep sand filt..
Host Sea Anemone Book
A guide to the successful husbandry of Indo-Pacific Clownfish Host Sea Anemones. 24 pages, softcover..
Aquagarden Rda
RDA is a book  by Aquagarden in partnership with ELOS and Anubias, the first publication in Ita..
Marine Algae Control Secrets Book
Numerous books have dedicated portions of their text to marine algae. Nevertheless, I doubt whether ..
Water Quality Control Guide
The book begins with a discussion on the freshwater used for preparing seawater salt mixes and/..
The Nano Reef Handbook
These tiny ecosystems are almost as popular in the fish keeping community as full-size marine aquari..
Getting Into Mini-Reefs
Only a few years ago it was believed almost impossible for a newcomer to the saltwater aquarium hobb..
A Fishwatchers Guide
Foreword by Ted Chua, All Seas Marine. Besides having a very long title, this book is an account of ..